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A Gospel of a Different Color

I've been teaching the Gospel of John in various formats and churches for two decades. A few years ago I had the inspiration to compile all of those lessons into a book. It's called  A Gospel of a Different Color , a reference to my 97-year old grandfather, who would say, "Well that's a horse of a different color!" whenever someone would make a surprising play during a game of cards. John became a gospel of a different color for me when I first noticed how different it was from the other gospels. The book is dedicated to my grandfather, Don Guffey. Who would enjoy reading the book? Anyone with a curiosity about the Bible and the personality of Jesus. Folk who are new to the faith will learn about Jesus' mission to reach every person with his love and grace. Individuals who have more biblical experience will discover more depth, specific to this particular gospel. What makes John different?  What's in John but not the other gospels? What'

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