baby drenner

is a boy! woo hoo! and he waved at us on the sonogram!

i have to say i am relieved. as great as it would be to have a girl around the house, i was already getting stressed out. i can imagine how i would act when she brought home her first boyfriend-- and every one after him.

and i'll still be able to use the phrase "the boys," and not "the boys and ___," like she was tacked onto our lives.

yes, we have picked a name, but we'll keep it a secret until #3 arrives, sometime around september 10. thank you for all the prayers!


congratulations!! i hope that all is going well in prosper. ~cheers!
Anonymous said…
great news for all concerned but I'll turn to you for advice when i'm that stressed out dad of not one but tow girls with boyfriends!!!