Prayer from Worship, Feb 16

Several folk (that's preacher talk for "more than one") complimented me on the prayer I shared in worship last Sunday. Here it is, for those who find it helpful. It is found in the United Methodist Book of Worship, page 546. Silent prayers may follow each petition.

O Healer of Galilee,
you are afflicted in the sufferings of your people
and are full of compassion and tender mercy.
Hear us as we pray for those who suffer:

For all who suffer trauma in body or mind...

For those whose livelihood is insecure,
the overworked, the hungry, the homeless, and the destitute,
for those who have been downtrodden, ruined,
and driven to despair...

For little children,
whose surroundings hide them from your love and beauty,
for all the fatherless and motherless...

For those who have to bear their burdens alone,
and for all who have lost those whom they love...

For those who are in doubt and anguish of soul,
for those who are oversensitive and afraid...

For those who suffer through their own wrongdoing...

For those whose suffering is unrelieved
by the knowledge of your love...

Set free, healer of the weak,
the souls of your servants from all restlessness and anxiety.

Give us the peace and power that flow from you.
Keep us in all perplexities and distresses,
in all griefs and grievances, from any fear or faithlessness;
that, being upheld by your strength
and stayed on the rock of your faithfulness,
through storm and stress we may abide in you. Amen.