Acts of the Apostles Bible Study

I  love to travel (nevermind that I hate flying-- that's another issue). I also love to read travel itineraries-- even if I am not actually going to the place I am reading about. Lately I have been on a sort of Paris kick, although I have never been there and have no plans to visit in the near future. Still, I find myself reading France itineraries:

If you have nine days, do this: ________________________________________________.

If you have seven days, do this: _______________________________________________.

If you have twelve days (now you're talking!), do this: _____________________________.

Well, the Book of Acts is sort of like that. It's a narrative, gospel-like format, but it's not restricted to a narrow geographic region like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (Matthew does work in a tour of Egypt in Jesus' toddler years). Acts is all over the place: Jerusalem, Damascus, Lydda, Joppa, Antioch, Cyprus, Iconium, Thessalonica, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Rome, and many more. It's like one of those Rick Steves European tours! Well, if your travel plans are only stateside this summer, perhaps you will allow me to be your tour guide through the Acts of the Apostles. Here's an outline (seven weeks):

June 14-July 27, 6:00-7:30 p.m. 

From Disciples to Apostles: Acts 1:1-4:37
Early Challenges and Opportunities: Acts 5:1-8:40
Saul and Peter: Acts 9:1-12:25
Sent Out Two by Two: Acts 13:1-17:34
Paul in Ephesus and Corinth: 18:1-19:41 (plus associated readings from 1 & 2 Corinthians and Ephesians)
Paul's Defense: Acts 20:1-26:32
Paul in Rome: Acts 27:1-28:30

At the end of the last session we'll board a bus to DFW airport, where we will embark on a three-week tour of Paul's travels. The price of this trip is included in the registration fee.

Full disclosure from Custer Road's team of lawyers: there is no cost for the study, so obviously no trip is included in the cost. You are free to travel at your own expense, and Pastor Frank is more than happy to accompany you as your personal guide and theologian, again at your expense.