Summer Plans

My buddy Rodger did this last week and I thought it was fun:

Let the summer begin!
Week 1: Annual Conference for me, Cousins Camp with Mom for the boyos
Week 2: Family vacation to Chicago
Week 3: VBS at Custer Road, move to Sherman
Week 4: Miles' boy scout camping trip to Georgia
Week 5: Try to find that one thing that always gets lost during a move
Week 6: VBS, Grace UMC
Week 7: Bridgeport camp with Miles and Linus
Week 8: James making the daily drive to Plano for choir tour rehearsals (could use some buddies to come through with sleepover invites!)
Week 9: Christy and James on choir tour
Week 10: Marching band practices for James + Youth week at CR, including a certain guest preacher Monday night
Weeks 11 and 12: more marching band
Week 13: celebrate the return to school with a Lyle Lovett concert at the Bass in Cowtown with my favorite date