New Opportunities

The kids were not too pleased yesterday when I informed them that there were only two days left in the summer. They should know by now that school is starting. Over the last couple of weeks we have:

  • bought school supplies
  • bought first day of school clothes
  • registered each for school
  • toured new schools
  • met teachers and school counselors
  • early morning football practice for James
  • bought Sherman t-shirts for football games
Why are we doing these things, people??? So whatever forces are feeding their denial, it's the real deal: school starts Monday. This Sunday is Back to School Sunday, where we will bless backpacks and pray for students, administrators, teachers, and staff. There is still time to invite someone to worship!

With the start of school, and after nearly two months, the Drenners are officially "settled in" to life in Sherman and Grace UMC. Last week I even finally hung up all of my artifacts on my office walls, after receiving some desk moving help from Jan, Rhonda, and Connor. Thanks again! Now that the settling has happened, we have set up a handful of informal opportunities to spend some time with your new parsonage family outside of Sunday morning worship. They are all Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:00:
  • August 30 at the home of the Dominicks
  • September 6 at the home of the Lightfoots (Lightfeet?)
  • September 27 at the home of the Walkers
There will be signup sheets out this Sunday, or you can let the church office know which meet and greet you would like to attend. Not really a get to know you deal, but more of a fellowship time: Christy is organizing a women's Bunko night at the church Friday, September 9. I've heard they are fun, but honestly I have never been welcome to attend, so who knows!

Thanks to everyone who has done so much to make us feel welcome: meals at the house and after worship, play dates for the boyos, tips on navigating the schools and town, encouraging words about sermons, etc. I am excited to share that hospitality toward others in our community, this week and beyond, as more and more people learn about the loving congregation at Grace UMC. All grace is amazing!