Signing Day

Today is National Signing Day, when high school football players from across the country declare their intentions to play for colleges. Throughout the day on Twitter I've seen students declaring for SMU and Austin College, among others. Part of me can't help but wonder if in three years James will tweet something about his next destination! Then again, who can predict the future...

Signing Day is about claiming an identity. I am a Longhorn. I am a Mustang. I am a Sam Houston State Bearkat. This afternoon I'm thinking about Signing Day from a different perspective. Tonight our middle schoolers will begin a new spiritual journey toward faith in Christ. Confirmation Sunday, June 4 (also Pentecost Sunday) will be their Christian Signing Day, where they will publicly claim their identity in Christ.

We'll explore these themes together:

  • Creation
  • Sin
  • Redemption
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Church
  • The New Creation
  • Discipleship
  • Salvation
  • The Wesleyan Quadrilateral
  • Worship and the Sacraments
  • Living a Holy Life

We'll attend other faith traditions:
  • Roman Catholic
  • Bilingual United Methodist
  • Jewish
We'll also serve in a mission opportunity, and attend an end-of-Confirmation retreat. I invite you to be in prayer for our young people as they explore faith, ask questions, dig into the Bible, and learn the responsibilities, challenges, and privileges of being a follower of Jesus.