Prayers for Our Nation

(Universal sign of distress-- SOS.)

The other day I early-voted. It was the first day, and the turnout was enormous. Of the volunteers working the election, two were Grace members! Thank you for your public service, Nana and Margaret!

I love voting. It brings me joy to express this act of freedom, and breaks my heart when others are denied access to their constitutional right. The last thing any democracy should want is for the voices of its own citizens to be ignored.

Anyway, there is now a scare going through the country. Someone is sending explosive devices to left-leaning political leaders and even CNN. That this is happening less than two weeks before an election cannot be a coincidence. So this morning, feeling the need to pray for our troubled nation and needing to experience some peace of mind and soul, I turned to my Book of Worship. I'll share with you these prayers for the nation.

Teach us, 

God of every nation, to see every question of national policy in the light of our faith, that we may check in ourselves and in others every passion that makes for war, all ungenerous judgment, all promptings of self-assurance, all presumptuous claims. Grant us insight to recognize the needs and aspirations of other nations, and remove our suspicions and misunderstandings. 

Look graciously,

O Lord, upon this land. Where it is in pride, subdue it. Where it is in need, supply it. Where it is in error, rectify it. Where it is in default, restore it. And where it holds to that which is just and compassionate, support it.

God of the ages,

in your sight nations rise and fall, and pass through times of peril. Now when our land is troubled, be near to judge and save. May leaders be led by your wisdom; may they search your will and see it clearly. If we have turned from your way, reverse our ways and help us to repent. Give us your light and your truth, let them guide us.

Lord Jesus Christ,

you are the way of peace. Come into the brokenness of our lives and our land with your healing love. Help us be willing to bow before you in true repentance, and to bow to one another in real forgiveness. By the fire of your Holy Spirit, melt our hard hearts and consume the pride and prejudice that separate us. Fill us, O Lord, with your perfect love, which casts out our fear, and bind us together with that unity which you share with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of this world, and our Savior. Amen.