Weird Stories of the Bible

We had a great time at Youth 2019.

You'll have a chance to hear from the students this Sunday. Look for the eleven youth and adults in their Love Well t-shirts! Everyone had a chance to participate in several workshops, but I noticed all seven of our students took one class: Weird Bible Stories. I decided to skip one of my planned workshops and take it with them. Then I had an idea: let's do a sermon series on these weird stories, chosen by the youth! Seven youth, seven stories: August 4 - September 15. Each week the youth will read their story and share a few thoughts on why they picked it (video or in person). Then I'll preach the sermon. Grant Dominick will design a unique graphic for the bulletin.

I don't have all the stories and order yet, but here are some: Moses and the Quail, Streaker in the Garden, Drunk Noah, and Jonah. This means we'll cut short our Brian McLaren series We Make the Road By Walking. If you're still following in the book even though the small groups have shut down for the summer, I will preach on Lesson 50 this Sunday: Luke 20:27-36 & Philippians 1:20-30. We'll wrap up the 12 month series July 28 with Revelation 1:9-19 and 22:16-21.

I won't get to preach on it, but especially considering the humanitarian crisis on the southern border, read Chapter 46. It is a wonderful and challenging exposition on the Holy Spirit pushing us to be a more just people. I've really enjoyed this book. If you've held on this long, I imagine you have too.

Don't forget: we're celebrating Jack Wakin, our custodian, on his 20th anniversary this Sunday at 9:45. And next Sunday, July 28, we'll have an all-church meeting in the Celebration Center during the Sunday school hour to discuss Grace's response to the General Conference of 2019.

Thanks for being the kind of church with a huge heart for young people, our community, and our world. Together, we are Embracing All, Engaging with Jesus, and Expanding the Kingdom. Isn't it exciting?