Fall Movie Reviews

Some of these are out of cinemas by now, but you'll be able to catch them soon-- or not??-- on streaming. Spoilers follow!!

Just as pretentious as the TV show!! Not sure why this exists other than a money grab, but I guess everyone deserves it after all of the success. Nothing really new here, but if you love the show as a certain adult with whom I share my life does, go for it.

I did not like this movie; this guy has no relation to the Joker of the Batman universe, other than the makeup. There is no evil or mania. He's not funny. He doesn't lead a movement. He's a messed up guy in a messed up world. Fine. Why make this in to a Joker movie? But hey it's made $1 billion worldwide, so it struck a chord somewhere!

Two clown movies back to back!! I loved this book, enjoyed the 90s TV movie, and liked the first reboot a couple of years ago. This is just a lazy, boring mess.


This is the movie of the year. I saw it at Alamo Drafthouse a month ago, which is the perfect place to see a film like this. It's a Korean film that highlights the disparity between the wealthy and poor classes. Two families: one with nothing to lose, and the other with everything at stake. This movie has an Alfred Hitchcock feel to it; it is funny, violent, and unpredictable. But with incredible social commentary. Hoping for Oscar buzz and a wider release early next year so I can catch it again. One of the best, most original films I have seen in many years.

This movie is a pretty big undertaking: the sequel to a movie, The Shining, from forty years ago. It's based on a book by Stephen King, who also wrote The Shining. Stephen King didn't like that movie, and Stanley Kubrick didn't like the book. So this movie tries to balance all of those properties. It does a great job at a very difficult task. Even if you haven't read or seen The Shining, Doctor Sleep is a great experience.

I love Terminator (1984), and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) is one of my all-time favorites. The other Terminator movies are garbage. This one is pretty good. I love that Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor.

Christy and I saw an advance screening of Knives Out the weekend before its official release. This movie is greatness. It's a Clue-like murder mystery with an amazing cast. Rian Johnson, who directed The Last Jedi, wrote and directed. It is hilarious. Daniel Craig is over the top. His donut metaphor soliloquy near the end of the film is Pure. Gold. Loved this movie!

Streaming picks: HBO's Watchmen is one of the best series I have seen in many years. I'll have more to say after the series is finished, but wow, it's great. We have also recently watched season 1 of Barry. The Mandalorian on Disney+ is very good. The first three episodes were some of the best Star Wars I've seen. Ever. The fourth episode was very meh. Looking forward to watching the new Star Wars film; I have not seen any of the trailers. We have our tickets for December 20. I'm trying to feel positive about this, but I have a bad feeling about it, to quote just about any Star Wars character. I enjoyed the radical turn of The Last Jedi, but I predict with the hiring of JJ Abrams to direct Episode IX Disney is wanting take the franchise back to more safe place.