great times

christy, james, miles, and i had a great time in bay city, spending time with family. this was probably the best trip down there in some time, which is really interesting because there is so much going on (new nephew, mom and dad moving into a new house that is nowhere near to being finished, plus their work, etc. etc. etc.). both christy and i commented on the drive back what a great 9 days it was. and james was thrilled to hang out with his cousins and eat ice cream and junk food for more than a week. when wenji gave him permission to watch more cartoons in bed, even though it was after 10:00 p.m., he said, "this the best day ever!!"

here are some highlights of our trip, in no particular order:

1. spending time with my grandparents. we had gone over for a couple of hours early in the trip, but we really wanted to go back, without the boys. the night before we left we went back. we didn't get there until 8:30 (see the note below about the day in houston with dad), and stayed until nearly 2:00. after talking about wharton county history and talking baseball for an hour, we played spades. papa and i beat the girls 2 games out of 3.
2. earlier that same day, dad woke me up with these words that morning: "what do you want to do today? pick weeds, mow the grass, or go hang out in houston?" hmmm, let me think about that!!! our first task, as always, was to decide on food! remembering an article he recently saw online, dad called the store and asked someone to look it up for him. after a little discussion, we settled on bubba's, a greasy spoon type joint at westpark and rice. good stuff. after that we both got haircuts and stocked up on "product." then we saw "miami vice"-- dad loved it; i had seen it before (that's a secret) and liked it too. we finished off the day eating at the amazing seafood place willie g's. it's the best, no kidding.
3. seeing rain. and not just a sprinkle here and there, but real showers. it's a common thing down there, unlike in dallas, as you have read over and over here recently.
4. 50+ hours with christy kid free (thanks, mom and dad!). we stayed again at hotel icon, a great, though not cheap, hotel. it's our favorite place in town-- tell them we sent you! we shopped, went to the houston museum of art, and ate at great new places: breakfast klub (oh man, fish and grits!!!), hobbit cafe, prego, birraporeti's. we saw 5 movies, all good, listed from the best:

  • little miss sunshine. this movie is original and funny, always unpredictable. it just rocks. see it. tonight.
  • quinceanera. more unpredictability, and a great insight into culture.
  • scoop. woody allen's latest, starring scarlett johansson. not as good as "match point"-- it's a light comedy, not a drama.
  • the illusionist. great cast, wonderful to look at.
  • talladega nights. will farrell is genious, but his other stuff has been better. seeing this kind of mainstream comedy really makes you appreciate "little miss sunshine."

5. baptism of our nephew adler gray reese. and his big brother's solo, "Jesus loves me."

we're glad to be back in duncanville, and are looking forward to new and exciting changes in our life at home and church (which in reality, aren't so separated). christy starts work at the north texas food bank next week, both of the boys will be in school, and our saturday night service kicks off in eight days. we'll definately look back on this holiday as a time of reconditioning now that the big stuff is starting! and probably start planning the next vacation!!!


Anonymous said…
So gland you all had such a wonderful time to refresh and be with family. It is good to have you back. We will have to check out some of those movies!