wow, it's really hard to believe our new praise and worship experience, "all the way live!" is only two days away! i was at a district event today, and made sure to ask several pastors to remember our church in prayer this saturday. i also encouraged the church last sunday to pray for the service, even if "rock n' roll church" isn't their thing. every member of the church pledged to support its ministries by their prayers, prescence, gifts, and service. i am expecting those prayers in full force this weekend!

there is still time to invite a friend,relative,aquaintence/neighbor (you've heard of the FRAN plan, i am sure!) to the new service. a phone call or face-2-face invitation is always most effective. another fun way is to go to the church's website and click on the banner at the bottom of the home page. it has a black and white cow and horse, saying, "the same... but different." it says the message we really want folk to hear, at trinity and beyond: the worship style may be different, the people may be different, but the feel and atmosphere of the church will not change.

i am a mixture of anxiety and excitement. not that i am worried or not faithful-- we are doing what we feel God has called us to do, and God is going to be glorified. but there is always a sense of the unknown about this. i was reading some starting contemporary worship tips and one near the end was "expect birthing anxities." that's exactly where i am now-- birthing anxiety. and no saltines or pickles or ice cream or olive garden salad will fix it.

just as a reminder, here is the reason why we are doing this: to reach new persons for Jesus Christ. we are not trying to fix anything, raise more money, do something everyone else is doing (no one else is out here!), build the church's membership/budget, raise awareness for the church, get the pastor's name in the paper. there is nothing desperate about this new service. it is an offering to God.

to reach new persons for Jesus Christ.

we're keeping the main thing the main thing. in a new way. God be praised this saturday and always!