playing catch up

the boys are in the other room, watching star wars episode 1. there's only so much of that one i can take, so i left before jar jar was promoted to general to fight the droid army. what a joke. anyway, i just heard james exhort miles to be careful about becoming a jedi knight like darth maul-- beware of the dark side! good advice from a very helpful brother!

while they were in there, i was here at the computer, doing my normal nightly routine:,, checking bank accounts, etc. then i began to wonder about my friends in the texas conference, pals i went to seminary with 12 years ago. i caught up with a couple of them, sending emails with a brief update on where we are, wishing them the best in their places of ministry.

the sermon this week will focus on galatians 6:1-10, the last section of paul's letter to the Christians at galatia, and the last in a sermon series from galatians. in that text he encourages them to care for one another: "bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." i've been thinking about those words all day, and thinking about those rough and fun times at perkins a dozen years ago, i remember all of us bearing each other's burdens from time to time.

paul's concern was for the church to depend on one another-- that we not be isolated individuals. tonight i am mindful of how important the connectional nature of the church is, primarily the united methodist church. whether we are children watching a movie or grown men serving in katy, beaumont, or prosper, we are all bound together, with the goal of fulfilling the law of Christ. part of that is helping each other, as colleagues or brothers, to deal with the burdens of life, real or imagined.