Thank You to the PUMC Family

So... how was your month?  Any life changing news come to your household?  Christy and I have been buzzing since May 11, but things are finally falling in to place.  House-- check: North Dallas area.  School-- check: Bowie Elementary (Richardson ISD). Movers-- check.  Moving date-- sort of check.  Pastor Chris is going through the same sort of checklist, although having a parsonage to move in to makes things somewhat easier.  I was thrilled to hear the news that Chris was coming to Prosper-- he's a very good friend.  In fact he and I were at a Rangers game in late April talking about moves and feeling sort of comfortable since we had not been called.  And so the world turns!  He will be great for the church.
Appointment changes are effective July 1, meaning I will be the PUMC pastor until June 30, even though our last Sunday in worship here will be June 12.  We were already planning a family vacation to California in June, and I am grateful to  Samantha Parson, who has agreed to provide emergency coverage while I am away.  Here's how worship will look for June:
June 5 & 12: Pastor Frank preaching, finishing the Three Simples Rules series
June 19: Sherri Williams, certified lay speaker, preaching
June 26: JoAnne Pounds, preaching
July 3: Pastor Chris' first Sunday at PUMC
I began passing on experiences, notes, history, and dreams to Reverend Chris immediately upon hearing of his appointment.  He will come to Prosper with much knowledge, not just of my tenure here, but of its long history.  I know the church will welcome your new parsonage family with the same love and support with which we were greeted upon our arrival here in February, 2007.
There will be ample opportunities for Christy and I to express our gratitude for our service among you, but in case some are not around for the reception June 12 I'll say a general word of thanks here.  Thank you for your encouragement, your love of our family, the many opportunities to respond to church fire alarms in the middle of the night, the ever-present threat of tarantulas (haven't mentioned that to Chris yet!), wasps in the Sanctuary, hundreds of smiling faces at VBS, snow deep enough to toss kids around, prayer, laughter, and study around Disciple tables, carpet and bathroom tile in the parsonage (no we are not taking it with us), and so much more.
We extend to PUMC and Pastor Chris and family all of our best wishes going forward. It has been a privilege to be your parsonage family.