Thanks and Vacation Plans!

Last Sunday was a wonderful day for our family!  We are so thankful for the many ways PUMC folk have expressed their gratitude to us for our ministry here.  We have enjoyed many meals, the iPad we were given Sunday has been a major joy-- no I have not shared it yet with the boys, and they have been surprisingly patient-- and the love offering was very generous.  All of us feel overwhelmed by your appreciation.  Thank you! 

Last week at the service of ordination for the North Texas Conference, Rev. Morris Matthis, who was once a mentor pastor to me, mentioned a conversation he had once with the bishop who ordained him.  They were words Morris never forgot: "Every church you serve will be better than you deserve."  He challenged the ordinands, and other pastors in attendance, to remember that throughout their ministry.  Prosper, and Oak Lawn, for that matter, are certainly better churches than I deserve!  What a privilege and gift to serve in ministry!  

This has been the easiest, most seamless transition I have ever experienced-- both on Prosper's end, as well as Oak Lawn.  Pastor Chris and I have talked, chatted on Facebook, or texted nearly every day since May 11, and Rev. Katherine Glaze Lyle, interim pastor at Oak Lawn, has been very gracious in filling me in on goings-on there, as well as inviting me to participate in a day-log staff retreat.  It's great to have everything moving forward in every way!  We covet your prayers during this time of transition, not only for ourselves but for Pastor Chris and his family, and all families and churches going through changes this summer.   

Early Sunday we'll pack up the van for an old-school, cross-country family vacation (hello, portable DVD!).  We're going to San Diego to check out the world famous zoo, Lego Land, and other fun activities.  The boys have been excited about this trip for many months, and we are happy it is here!  We'll return the following Sunday, the 26th.  Then it's on to the business of moving to the new house.