Iced in Worship Opportunity

The last three days in North Texas have nene weather crazy! Which, if you read my post from two weeks ago, is not unusual. This time around the hype was well spent. Our family has been homebound for three days. Thousands have been without power. I have loved reading all the posts from those with power welcoming others into their homes. Churches are doing the same thing. Many churches are closed this morning, including ours at Custer Road. We offer live-streaming worship every Sunday at 9:45, but today Senior Pastor Kory Knott and worship leader Tim Morrison will lead a special online service at 11:00 a.m.- starting in 30 minutes. I have no idea what is planned, but knowing who is involved I am excited. I am grateful to be part of a church with such dedicated, creative folk. So if you are iced in or otherwise unable to physically attend worship this morning, please click here to join us online. Everyone is invited to use the hashtag #CRWorshipAtHome