Things I Already Miss from Collin County

We closed on our Allen house yesterday-- hooray! What a relief after 50 days on the market, nearly 90 showings, and two open houses. Thanks to everyone who offered advice (solicited and not), a breadmaker, and words of prayer and encouragement. Thanks to you too, St Joseph. Here are a few things, in no particular order after the first, I'll miss about living in Collin County:

1. Custer Road UMC. Just amazing people. Love you
2. Henry's ice cream
3. Madness Comic Book store (although their Pez offerings have greatly been reduced over the last few months)
4. Just across the street from Madness, and a late discovery: The Latin Pig. Incredible food, but the iced coffee is the real winner
5. Cooper Fitness Center in Craig Ranch. I don't have any recent stats, but I did have a net loss of weight, even as I gained several pounds of muscle. Not Mr Universe worthy, but still. Thank you for the clergy discount! And Tammie is the best if you are looking for training
6. Trader Joe's
7. Easy access to the Alamo Drafthouse
8. The new reclining seats at the Cinemark Legacy. Sherman Cinemark-- let's make this happen before Rogue One
9. Joe's Pizza and Pasta. Other-worldly calzones
10. McKinney Square
11. Fourteen Eighteen coffee house
12. Bavarian Grill