2019 Top 10 Films and TV

All of these are linked to their IMDB pages so you can read more info. On both lists, there is a fairly significant gap between #1 and everything else. Watchmen and Parasite are really that good.

Best Movies of 2019

  1. Parasite
  2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  3. The Irishman
  4. Knives Out
  5. Us
  6. Little Women
  7. Uncut Gems
  8. Apollo 11
  9. Doctor Sleep
(99% 1917 will be on this list, probably in the top 5, but it won't be released until next weekend, and no one invited me to a secret screening last month.)

Honorable mentions because I haven't seen them due to laziness or being a chicken: Marriage Story, Midsommar, and Dolemite is My Name

My top 10 TV list is a little different this year; I am including shows that were new to my eyeballs last year, but debuted in 2018 or even earlier. It's cheating a little, but hey, it's my name at the top of the page!

Best TV of 2019