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lost in transition?

note: this article recently appeared in the cedar hill/duncanville/desoto neighbors section of the dallas morning news.

i am not originally from north texas; i was “born and bred” in bay city, south of houston, in matagorda county. aside from my wife and kids and a couple of cousins and their families, most of the original clan still lives within the same 30-mile radius they always have. the undisputed heads of the family, our patriarch and matriarch, are my grandparents, mema and papa (you understand those are not their real names!). they have been married nearly 60 years, have four children, ten grandchildren, and lots of great-grandchildren. at Christmas this year, the family presented mema and papa with a calendar with all sorts of pictures displayed on it: kids, grandkids, great-grandkids of all ages, shapes and sizes. it was a history of the family in pictures.

i have always thought of my grandparents as unique gifts to me. for 35 years, i have played, ate, laughed, cried, t…
pastor frank

d.c., here i come!


i will have my bags packed when i come to worship sunday the 29th. i leave that afternoon for four days in washington, d.c. no, this is not a vacation. the conference is sending me to washington to participate in the 3rd annual general board of church and society young adult clergy gathering. the general board is an agency of the united methodist church that advocates for all kinds of issues related to peace and justice. it seeks to uphold the social principles of our church. you can read about the work of the general board or the social principles at 84 pastors under the age of 40, from 42 conferences including norway and the philippines, will meet for the event. here is a summary of last year’s conference:

Participants met with GBCS staff to discuss legislative priorities on Capitol Hill and practiced interactive exercises to more effectively teach the church’s Social Principles and met with Dr. Chester Jones, General Secretary of the General Commissi…