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enough already

congratulations to the boston red sox-- world series champions again, the second time in four years. they have won eight consecutive world series games. they beat the previously unbeaten rockies in every possible way over the last few nights. pitching. hitting. defense. experience. whatever the young rockies threw at them, the sox had more. good for them.

anyone alive in the sports world knows that the new england patriots are destroying the nfl. i got a chance to see them first hand at texas stadium a couple of weeks ago. what a machine. the cowboys actually had the lead halfway through the third quarter, but you could tell it would not last. the pats won by three touchdowns. tom brady has thrown 30 touchdown passes in half a season-- troy aikman, cowboys hall of famer, never threw more than 27 in an entire season. next week the undefeated pats play the undefeated colts. yeah, that's right. peyon manning's team hasn't lost either-- undefeated super bowl champs. but everyon…

one crazy night

last night was an incredible night in the wide world of sports. after a four-hour marathon the cleveland indians beat the vaunted-- and expensive-- yankees. at the same time, in the same state, the cowboys finished the craziest football game i have ever seen. i finished both games slightly before midnight, but was too emotionally wound up to go to sleep.

i have been a baseball fan since 1986, my freshman year in high school. that world series featured a young former university of texas pitcher, roger clemens. the red sox lost to the mets in a thrilling, if not frustrating and infuriating, series. and i was hooked. that year was also a good one for my hometown astros, who nearly beat the mets in the previous series. for several years, the astros floundered, got better, floundered again. through it all, my all-time favorite players, craig biggio and jeff bagwell, kept my connection to the great game real. last year bagwell retired; this year biggio hung 'em up; and clemens is probabl…