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The Season of Easter and Beyond at LECTIO

Last week I announced that our family would be moving to Sherman, TX this summer, where I will become the new Senior Pastor at Grace United Methodist Church. I am thankful for everyone's support and well wishes. We are very excited.
The news of my appointment change spurred questions about the future of the teaching service we launched at Custer Road last summer. Here's the shortest version: right now we do not know much. In his weekly email to the church, Pastor Kory said this last week: "For those of you who attend our Lectio worship service, Frank will continue preaching through at least the end of May. We are discussing how to proceed with the service after that point and will keep you posted on details as decisions are made." That's where we stand. What I can say is that I will preach in Lectio every Sunday in April and May. I'll preach in our Sanctuary services my last two Sundays at Custer Road, June 5 & 12.
Here's a chart, courtesy of the Vander…

A Theological Review of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

James (13) and I saw BATMAN VS SUPERMAN the other day. It was Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. The movie opened on Good Friday. So even though it is the busiest weekend of the year for preachers, I could not make myself wait until the following weekend. And I knew this would happen; I tweeted this last summer:

Just realized #DawnOfJustice comes out on #GoodFriday. #conflict — Frank Drenner III (@revfrankdrenner) July 14, 2015

For any other movie, besides a STAR WARS film, I would have waited. Here's a review of 2016's biggest movie by far, at least until CIVIL WAR comes out in May. There will be spoilers, but I'll warn you before we get there. Here are some plot summaries- nothing more than you'll see in the trailers for the movie.

If you have not seen MAN OF STEEL (2013), also directed by Zack Snyder, you probably should. You can read my review here. There are references throughout BVS to MOS- but if you haven't seen it you won't be lost or anything. Just a…

Incredible Easter Opportunity at Custer Road and Luby's

Custer Road United Methodist Church: Pretty good opportunity to hear three preaching voices this #Easter Sunday: Pastor...
Posted by Frank Drenner III on Thursday, March 24, 2016