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the good ol' days weren't always good...

...and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems. -- billy joel

i recently discovered the miracle (actually much, much less than that) of free movies online with netflix. turns out i am eligible for about 17 hours of online viewing, included in my $17/month subscription to the otherwise brilliant internet movie service. a couple of weeks ago i was browsing through the titles available online-- some good ones, a few great ones, mostly "b" or "c" movies. for example, i downloaded the ghost and mr. chicken, an old don knotts movie from the 1960s that i thought my dad recommended i see. i watched it with james, and after a pretty solid first five minutes it was a complete flop. i'm surprised it got an average vote of 7 out of 10 on the internet movie data base.

two days ago i swam through the freebies again, hoping to find a lost gem. turns out the entire first season of the outer limits, again from the 1960s, is there. you've probably heard of the twilight zone, y…


babies r' us. baby usa. the drenner home. all places expectant parents can go to stock up-- or stork up?-- before baby arrives. yesterday the ladies of the church showed up in great numbers at a baby shower for christy. she came home with a van full of stuff, from blankets to onesies to diapers. it was a very nice gesture, and christy really appreciated it-- and so did i. not so much the stuff, as the fellowship and support. we've been very strategic in our family planning-- this was the third shower in three different congregations!the official due date is still september 13, but after a sonogram last week we know that baby d3 is already 6 pounds, and christy's doctor does not expect her to make full term. Jesus said, "whenever a woman is in labor she has pain, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world" (john 16:21). wow.miles and ja…

camp yogi

this week the boys and i met wenji (my mom) and my nephews at yogi bear camp near houston. the idea was for the grandkids to have a fun, wenji-rules week away from home. when mom's friend backed out, i volunteered to step in. my nephews agreed that i was cool enough to come.

to call this week a camping experience is a bit of a stretch. we've slept in an air conditioned cabin with satellite tv access. plus i am wireless-ly blogging in the laundry room! there is a fun water park sort of thing here, with extra shallow water and lots of slides. another proper pool, maximum four feet deep, is nearby. there is an outdoor cinema; first night was cars; last night was the pacifier. needless to say, james was thrilled.

last night we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs by the fire. none of us knew how to start a proper fire with wood-- i'm a gas or charcoal guy myself-- but mom invited a guy from the cabin next to us. for the next hour or so, he coached all of us on the skills o…