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A Double Eye Patch Fast for Holy Week!

Last night Jenny Rau and I went with our Confirmation class to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Frisco. It was a very meaningful service. In his homily, the priest challenged the church to fully participate in Holy Week. He recalled the disciples in the garden with Jesus as he prayed and later when he was arrested. As Jesus prayed, the disciples could not keep awake and pray with him. As he was arrested, they ran away for their own safety. The priest said, "Don't be like them. Stay with Jesus to the end. Join with him in his suffering this week." Hearing the priest last night in a different setting where I was participant and not leader, I was convicted. I had never connected the disciples' actions-or inactions-with my own during Holy Week. What could I do-or not do-to make sure I stay with Jesus this week?

Then Monday came, bringing with it the usual flood of email. I am sitting at home, trying to get things organized, knowing that w…

Time Capsules

The other day Chuck Marshall, one of PUMC's co-Chairs of Trustees, walked into my office with a box of stuff.  He had just been to the bank to drill out our safety deposit box (keys long lost).  He handed me a book that looked 100 years old-- it was.  It was a roll call of membership from Elm Ridge UMC, located in East Denton County.  While we are making plans to celebrate our 110th anniversary next March, Elm Ridge is in their 137th year.  Why we have some of their historical records I know not.  I need to get them to ER's pastor, Jon Kendzie.  In the book were names of folks from 1887 or 1886 or 1891 who were baptized or accepted as members.  Prosper UMC stuff included minutes of leadership meetings, surveys of property, and more.  It was like opening a time capsule.

This Sunday we'll end our Lenten sermon series on the book and life of Jeremiah, one of the great Hebrew prophets.  The last two Sundays we have talked about the need to repent of our sin (indi…