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why we serve

last week we hosted vacation Bible school-- a huge event by any standard. more than 300 kids attended, bringing more than 1700 cans of food for bethlehem place, our local food bank. the theme of the week was serving others: family, friends, neighbors, and Christ. on the final day of vbs, i sat with the kids to discuss prayer and serving with them. basically i said, "we serve others because God is awesome." God loves us first, then we respond to that by serving others.

in half an hour i will leave prosper to go to bridgeport camp. tomorrow is the first day of our junior high camp. i have not been to church camp since the summer of 1995, when i was a youth pastor, a young 24 years old, and (ahem) a few pounds lighter. i am going this week because we could not find another adult-- and we really should have two. so in order to protect the kids' camp experience, i'm packing my gear.

God did not necessarily call me to this work. i was the last line of defense. christy told m…

survey results

i promised some results from my most recent preaching series, which will grow into my final project for doctoral studies. the comments have not been edited.

I think that you were very brave in your "thinking out of the box" sermons. More ministers should be having sermons on these topics.
I feel these sermons had little of uplifting nature to them. Good subjectsthat we should hear, but needed some encouragement.
Very interesting series. I enjoyed the discussion, and would encourage more "risk taking" for future sermons.
I had no problem with any of the sermons; however, some in
congregation may prefer a Bible study class to cover these issues.
Wish I had heard the others!
Innappropriate (sic) for Easter Sunday. You are completing a checklist
for your degree without regard to what's appropriate for your people. Shameful.
It was enlightening to hear about these subjects from the pulpit.
Sorry I did not hear all of them.
I enjoyed all of them
it was a good and well-planne…