survey results

i promised some results from my most recent preaching series, which will grow into my final project for doctoral studies. the comments have not been edited.

  • I think that you were very brave in your "thinking out of the box" sermons.
More ministers should be having sermons on these topics.

  • I feel these sermons had little of uplifting nature to them. Good subjects
that we should hear, but needed some encouragement.

  • Very interesting series. I enjoyed the discussion, and would encourage
more "risk taking" for future sermons.

  • I had no problem with any of the sermons; however, some in
congregation may prefer a Bible study class to cover these issues.

  • Wish I had heard the others!

  • Innappropriate (sic) for Easter Sunday. You are completing a checklist
for your degree without regard to what's appropriate for your people. Shameful.

  • It was enlightening to hear about these subjects from the pulpit.
Sorry I did not hear all of them.

  • I enjoyed all of them

  • it was a good and well-planned series of sermons.

  • For your typical sermons, I felt that these sermons lost focus.
They tended to ramble on past effectiveness. My mind started to wonder.

  • A high school senior we know didn't rate this one high according to his
science background. It didn't have enough scientific research to back it.

  • Overall, I enjoyed the series. I do feel that most of them were too long
and involved too much of the Pastor's opinion.

  • Lot's of opinion, but there are many scientific facts that were ommited.
  • Too many facts and info missing from AIDS sermon...poorly done.

  • I prefer that the pastor speak from facts not suposition, e.g. he has no idea
what spiritual guidance the president had before going to war.

  • My views on the death penalty differ from the sermon, but the message
was thought provoking.

  • Some were a little long. I think for most people 20 minutes is the
maximum absorption time.

  • creationism/intelligent design sermon, I wished you advocated creationism
more strongly

  • I say neutral because of the lack of confidence in delivery. Don't go for the
popular vote, say what you know needs to be said. Let God do the rest.

  • Did not hear these but in past, appeared prepared

  • Frank, you are always well prepared.

  • Smart guy, not enough information given. Very biased sermons and
they seemed uneducated or ill prepared to me.

  • A political bias was evident.....left!

  • I'm always impressed with Frank's knowledge. It's obvious that he reseraches
topics before he presents them.

  • Creationism/ Intelligent Design was a little rough on the research.

  • all sermons had relevant and timely examples from the headlines that
supported each sermon. i thought that helped it to remain relevant.