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safe at home

christy and i took the boys to see ratatouille today. it is pixar's latest film, and it may well be the best of all. the toy story movies will always be at the top of my list, and i loved the incredibles. but ratatouille scored major points for me, because of its riskiness in subject matter and marketing difficulties (how would you feel if you saw rats in your kitchen-- even after watching remi and emil for two hours?)if you've missed the trailers, the storyline is: remi the rat has a profound appreciation for food, even after his father says, "shut up and eat your garbage." by accident he ends up in paris, in the kitchen of a famous restaraunt. a new kid is working there who cannot boil water. they hook up, and great things happen. i liked the film because its story is pretty sophisticated. there are typical themes involved, like following your dreams (joel osteen would be pleased) and making the best out of difficult solutions. for a g-rated movie, this one deals w…

the trunk of soul

this weekend in kansas city has been busy. yesterday several of us left to go downtown to tour two museums, jazz and the negro leagues. on the way constance blew out a tire, so we stood on the side of a very busy intertstate while changing the tire. we finally got down there and check out the exhibits. as a fan of the game, the negro leagues museum was fantastic. they had many artifacts, as well as displays on how painful the racism was to the players and the communities. one quote i loved was how the folk who attended the african-american games dressed up, while those who went to anglo games dressed like they were "raking leaves."
i found a great josh gibson poster, which asked the question, "is josh gibson the black babe ruth? or is babe ruth the white josh gibson?" gibson slammed hundreds of home runs that were never recorded. satchel paige is regarded as one of the best pitchers ever, but of course we don't have all of his records either. there would hav…

bloody kansas

That’s what Kansas was known as before it was a state—the reason being that before the Civil War both sides packed Kansas to swing the vote to be a free state or slave. The resulting fighting was so fierce that they nicknamed the territory “Bloody Kansas.” I am very happy to say that in my first 24 hours in Kansas, I have found it to be anything but bloody. People have been very inviting and helpful.

The other day at lunch after church Christy said, “Lots of people asked if we were coming to Kansas City with you.” All of the sudden, I said, “Come with me!” And after several minutes of debating the positives and negatives, Christy and the boys agreed to spend a few extra days with Dad. We left immediately, and spent the night in Wichita. I woke up the next morning and drove to a Honda dealership—we’d been looking for a new vehicle for Christy for a while. Three hours later, we drove away in a new van! Easiest and best deal ever!

Last night we rolled in to Kansas City and staye…

holy conferencing?

dateline: june 3-6, at various locations across north dallas. the north texas conference, the annual meeting of clergy and layfolk across the dallas area, convened. the first day, sunday, ended with a powerful service at the new cathedral of our conference, first church in richardson. our new bishop, alfred norris, who ordained me in houston in 2001, preached about the relationship between the tower of babel story and acts 2. no, he did not credit my post last week as his inspiration! i'll let it slide.monday the entire conference convened at the plano centre for meetings. at the top of this year's agenda was the election of delegates to the general conference (g.c.), in ft. worth next april, and the jurisdictional conference (j.c.), in dallas next summer. for those who do not know, the g.c. is a gathering of 1000 united methodists from across the globe, which meets every four years to determine the direction of the church. it is the only body with the authority to spea…