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"is this all there is?"

recently i wrote a post angrily describing the weather situation here in north texas. we have been mired in heat and lack of rain, and yes, i am aware it is summer. one of the local news stations has a feature where they record viewers' comments and then air them once a week or so. (this is a very dangerous thing, voicing folks' opinions like that-- they tend to be really ugly. it's another reflection of an overly loud and obnoxious society, another symptom of a lack of community-- an excellent subject for a future posting!) one guy said, "hey, it's texas. it's always been hot in texas. if you don't like it, move somewhere else!"

i love the sentiment of "if you don't like it move somewhere else!" don't ever complain about anything! don't ever voice a differing opinion! why doesn't anyone ever say to those people, "hey, if you don't like us complaining about the weather and everything else under the blazing s…