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proud to be united methodist!

God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action
A Pastoral Letter from the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church
God’s creation is in crisis. We, the bishops of The United Methodist Church, cannot remain silent while God’s people and God’s planet suffer. This beautiful natural world is a loving gift from God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen. God has entrusted its care to all of us, but we have turned our backs on God and on our responsibilities. Our neglect, selfishness, and pride have fostered:

• pandemic poverty and disease;
• environmental degradation, and
• the proliferation of weapons and violence.

We cannot be instruments of God’s renewing Spirit in the world if we continue to deny the wounds of creation. Therefore, let us join in a lament for God’s people and planet:
Leader: We see waters polluted, species destroyed, forests ablaze, and land abused. We see weapons and waste littering the earth. We see people, created in the very image of God,…

A Prayer for Ft. Hood

All of us are dealing with the shock of the tragic shootings at Ft. Hood yesterday. As President Obama said yesterday, it is difficult enough when we lose those in the military when they serve abroad; when it happens on a base in our home country it makes everything so much more difficult. So far a dozen soldiers are confirmed dead. Our prayers are with the families in their time of grief.

I found this litany in a worship service for those being deployed or mobilized for service. The litany is prayed toward the end of the service:

God says, "When, they call to me, I will answer them; I will be with them in trouble." (Psalm 91:15) Let us pray to God saying, "Lord, be our companion." As in baptism we put on Christ, so in Christ may we endure danger and separation in hope and love. Let us pray to God.
Lord, be our companion.
As God so loved the world in Christ, so may the love of God guide our actions, even in combat and war's uncertainty. Let us pray to God.