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Finding Forks

Dear Church Family,

Boxes. And packing paper. And more boxes. And more packing paper. Moving is exhausting, isn't it? Christy and I have had our fair share of moves over the years. Strangely enough, I could argue our easiest move was from Dallas to England. It involved stuffing as many clothes into four large bags as possible, then placing all of our belongings into a storage unit for a year.

The move to Sherman was easy enough, and I think we have made good progress in unpacking, but there is a real sense of unease until everything finds its correct place. And there is always that one thing that is necessary from the first moment of arrival but somehow remains hidden until we are at the breaking point. This move it was forks. For three days we ate our food with plastic forks- until I found our stash of proper silverware yesterday. It's amazing the joy one feels when the simplest mystery is solved!

I haven't seen FINDING DORY yet- I'm guessing it'll finally happen …

Scapegoat the AR-15

Yesterday I signed and shared on Facebook an online petition to ban the AR-15 semi automatic wespon, used to kill so many Saturday night in Orlando. Others signed and shared as well, and of course it garnered discussion between folk who disagree on the issue of gun control. Those who oppose limiting access to weapons like the AR-15 seem to come down to this: banning this particular weapon will not curb mass violence. One friend offered that actually other weapons are used more frequently in mass shootings; another shared a chart showing the assault weapons ban of the 90s had minimal impact, because weapons not included in the ban were used. Those arguments are fair enough, but they actually argue in favor of broadening a ban on guns. I'm focusing on the AR-15.

Just a couple of weeks ago the HBO series REAL SPORTS aired a discussion of the AR-15, the assault rifle used by the military in war (known as the M16 in military parlance). Over the last decade or two it has been heavily ma…

Summer Plans

My buddy Rodger did this last week and I thought it was fun:

Let the summer begin!
Week 1: Annual Conference for me, Cousins Camp with Mom for the boyos
Week 2: Family vacation to Chicago
Week 3: VBS at Custer Road, move to Sherman
Week 4: Miles' boy scout camping trip to Georgia
Week 5: Try to find that one thing that always gets lost during a move
Week 6: VBS, Grace UMC
Week 7: Bridgeport camp with Miles and Linus
Week 8: James making the daily drive to Plano for choir tour rehearsals (could use some buddies to come through with sleepover invites!)
Week 9: Christy and James on choir tour
Week 10: Marching band practices for James + Youth week at CR, including a certain guest preacher Monday night
Weeks 11 and 12: more marching band
Week 13: celebrate the return to school with a Lyle Lovett concert at the Bass in Cowtown with my favorite date