Finding Forks

Dear Church Family,

Boxes. And packing paper. And more boxes. And more packing paper. Moving is exhausting, isn't it? Christy and I have had our fair share of moves over the years. Strangely enough, I could argue our easiest move was from Dallas to England. It involved stuffing as many clothes into four large bags as possible, then placing all of our belongings into a storage unit for a year.

The move to Sherman was easy enough, and I think we have made good progress in unpacking, but there is a real sense of unease until everything finds its correct place. And there is always that one thing that is necessary from the first moment of arrival but somehow remains hidden until we are at the breaking point. This move it was forks. For three days we ate our food with plastic forks- until I found our stash of proper silverware yesterday. It's amazing the joy one feels when the simplest mystery is solved!

I haven't seen FINDING DORY yet- I'm guessing it'll finally happen Sunday afternoon so don't spoil it yet. As far as I can tell, the movie is about Dory the fish searching for her family. Assuming she finds them, I am sure she will feel joy far beyond what I felt when the forks were rediscovered.

The idea of searching for things lost always reminds me of God. In Luke Chapter 15, Jesus tells three parables, back to back to back, dealing with the theme of seeking and finding the lost. A lost coin. A lost sheeep. A lost son. It is God's joy, and the church's privilege, to seek and find the lost. Every person is searching for something, and our hearts must be tuned in such a way that we see and hear those persons and show them the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This will be the theme of our sermon series, "Living a Jesus Life," which begins Sunday at 11:00- one service only this week!

Thank you to everyone who has already made us feel so welcome as your new parsonage family. Many of you have brought meals, we had a fun evening with other families, and even received a brand new dishwasher!  I look forward to many years of exciting ministry together.

All grace is amazing!
Peace and Joy,
Pastor Frank