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lost power

last night storms raged across north texas. christy was in dallas and called to get a weather report-- she heard about possible tornadoes. i checked the radar and told her it was ok, but big rain was coming through, so she needed to leave immediately. the worst of the storms came through after midnight. we woke up to a strange sound, sort of like an alarm clock, but it was nowhere near 7:00. it was the smoke alarm, telling us the power went out.

the alarm is not battery operated-- so if the electricity kicks off, i learned it will scream. why is this? it had never happened before when the power was out-- why last night? and since there was no battery to rip out at 12:30, surely there was a button to silence the alarm, right? no. so christy and i scrambled to turn the thing off-- trying to unplug it, bash it with a hammer, rip it from the wall, anything. nothing helped. so we went back to bed. somehow the kids slept all night with the constant screeching.

what is the point of this techno…

word is getting out...

last sunday i began my "ripped from the headlines" sermon series, a look at some of the moral questions of our time. the first subject was the politics of faith, meant to briefly examine the role of faith in the life of our political leaders. i wrote a posting on this subject, particularly with respect to dr. jeremiah wright, recently. in the sermon i echoed much of what i wrote here, mentioning the old testament prophets jeremiah and nathan as specific examples of pastors/preachers who listened and acted when God called them to speak truth to power.

the interesting thing is that finally i think the tide is starting to turn on the whole jeremiah wright controversy. here is a fascinating article from the dallas morning news that illustrates the viewpoints of many african-americans and anglo-americans on the issue. and this commentary on shares my thought that moral questions-- and more than just abortion and homosexuality-- should be at the forefront at election t…