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come with me if you want to live

"you're dead already. you know i believe it." -- sarah connor, terminator 2

last week on my last night in atlanta, i stayed up until midnight to catch the premier of terminator: salvation. i am a huge terminator fan, going back to the first edition, way before arnold became the governor of california. i still remember working in my dad's video club when terminator came out on video-- the movie came with these terrible sunglasses. i wore them forever. i was in college when T2 came out, not just a great sci-fi film but a top 20 all-time for me. hmm, one of these days i'm going to sit down and write out that list. i wasn't that impressed with either terminator 3 or the sarah connor chronicles.. so it was with mixed emotion, and exhaustion, that the credits began to roll.

the movie is very exciting, a special effects feast. but it lacks in soul. what made T2 so great was not just the effects, which are still amazing 15 years later, but the story. one te…