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find your spiritual compass

the other day i scored some new pez-- a bear with a metal helmet, a monkey, and some other animal. the package said the golden compass. i had no idea what that meant, maybe a new discovery channel show? i came home and showed my new surprises to christy, ready to place them next to the other 200 or so pez in my office. and then she said i had to take them back.
she explained that the golden compass is the first of a three-part series of children's books written by an atheist, whose stated purpose is to destroy kids' belief in God. in fact, as i have discovered recently, in the third book the kids kill God, who turns out to be not a god at all, but a man with a serious personality complex-- sounds sort of like The Wizard of Oz to me.
this brought up a very difficult decision: get rid of the golden compass pez or not? a true collector simply collects, and does not weigh his/her collection by moral standards. i collect pez; therefore all pez should be in the collection. on the oth…

time for a change

today i was james' invited guest at parents/grandparents/special friends day at school. we got to feast on school cafeteria pizza. they also served a thanksgiving-type meal for the adults, but the turkey wasn't exactly appealing. i had the other sides though: potatoes, yams, and dressing with. james was very excited, and it was fun to participate.

after lunch he took me to his room and showed me some of the projects the class was working on. he had all sorts of thanksgiving related pictures to color: turkeys, pilgrims, and of course, american indians. this year i have become very uncomfortable with indian costuming and coloring. i know our boys have participated in its various forms every year they've been in school. this week miles made an "indian" headband with feathers. james' recent homework assignment was counting feathers on smiling indian kids' heads. we'd consider it insensitive to other cultures to dress up like them (or like the stereotypes t…