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not exactly the target audience

"know your target audience, and love them well."
-- bishop scott jones, at an evangelism event

the other day i was at home when the doorbell rang. it was two men i had never seen before. one was holding a magazine and a bible. the other was standing behind, watching, sort of like the training waiter looking over my shoulder at pappadeaux during my early days as a waiter when i was in seminary.

they were spreading the word about the Word. he asked me if i ever read the bible. i said, "yes, i'm a pastor." "oh," he said. "yeah, i guess you have an interest in people reading their bibles too." "yup," i said. "you know everyone says the bible is important, but too often it's just a decoration around the house." "yeah," i said.

i didn't mean to be rude, and i appreciate their effort. but i figured when i said i was a pastor that would be it-- they'd go to the next house, and i'd get back to wha…

our thoughts and prayers to blacksburg and beyond

in light of the terrible events at virginia tech this week, i can think of nothing more powerful to say than these words, a prayer for the bereaved from the reformed church in france, 1963. o living God, you share all our griefs. give a meaning to that which defies our understanding. shine upon our night. you alone can show us that we are not abandoned to chance or fate, not even in what seems revolting or senseless to us, but that in all things you work for the good of those who love you. grant that those who mourn may receive your message even through their sufferings. through their sorrow challenge them to discover the help of your mercy, and to hope more fervently for your kingdom. through their sadness, open them more to your compassion, and help them to live in your strength alone. reveal your nearness to those who suffer this day. surround them with the love you have for your children, through Jesus Christ our Savior. amen.

baby drenner

is a boy! woo hoo! and he waved at us on the sonogram!

i have to say i am relieved. as great as it would be to have a girl around the house, i was already getting stressed out. i can imagine how i would act when she brought home her first boyfriend-- and every one after him.

and i'll still be able to use the phrase "the boys," and not "the boys and ___," like she was tacked onto our lives.

yes, we have picked a name, but we'll keep it a secret until #3 arrives, sometime around september 10. thank you for all the prayers!

a new hope

last night was family night in the drenner household. family night means blankets on the living room floor, eating there, and watching a movie. needless to say the boys love family night. the last family night, about a month ago, was significant: james and miles' first viewing of a star wars film. they've seen the cartoon network's brilliant clone wars series-- if you haven't, check them out-- they're really good. the viewing last month was episode iv; in other words, old school, 1977. the original version, when lucas made the correct decision to leave han solo's encounter with jabba the hutt on the cutting room floor.

so what to follow the brilliance of episode iv with? james picked episode v-- the empire strikes back, from 1980-- and even better star wars film. why he chose that i do not know, although i am sure it has something to do with darth vader. like his dad before him, james has a powerful love for the dark side of the force. this came to him…

dreaming of peace

wow, has it really been two weeks since my last post? easter really can play tricks on one's ability to keep track of time!

i had a dream several months ago: my cousin ron, who died 3 1/2 years ago, and i enlisted in the army and were deployed to iraq. ron would have loved to serve in the military, but was unable to do so because of epilepsy. in the dream, he was all gung ho about going to war. the closer the plane got to the warzone, the queasier i became, finally yelling to be released from duty and given permission to return home to my ministry and my family. then one of those moments occurred when you realize you're really dreaming, and if you only wake up you'll be out of it. so i woke up, safe in the comfort of my own home.

a few nights ago i had a similar dream. this time i had signed up to be in the national guard. ron was not there, but my drill sergeant (if that's the role she really had-- who knows, it was a dream) was rev. katherine lyle, pastor of f…