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overachievers anonymous

something i am learning every day about prosper is there is a busyness here that i did not experience in other communities where we have lived. a small town stereotype is that life is simple and slow, predictable and unexciting. not so in prosper. actually even though the town population is somewhere around 6000 this is no small town. the type of folk moving here every day are not what one typically thinks of as small town texas.

one of my first impressions of prosper was the enourmous amount of suburbans and tahoes in town. believe me, there is much relief in detroit that the strike between gm and uaw ended so quickly! anyway, when i go to pick up james at school (in the interest of full disclosure we have a minivan, not an suv) i get in line behind dozens of suburbans, tahoes, escalades, and expeditions. the first day of school i wanted to make an impression by making sure my kid wasn't the last to be picked up, so i left early-- at 2:45. huge mistake. every other overachiever in…

sleep is overrated

hey-- it's been a while! lots of big things going on at the drenner home and church, too much to find time for my brain to downshift and write something. linus was born sept. 1 at 2:45 a.m.-- just in time to avoid a potential argument about when he should start school. texas law will decide that now. he'll start kindergarten in 2013. instead of the youngest, he should be the oldest in his class. planning is always important!

and no, he is not sleeping through the night. please do not ask. i promise i will announce it from the rooftops when it happens. so christy and i are a little sleep deprived-- so what? the little guy has to eat every 3-4 hours, and he is usually very good about informing us of grub time! and linus has not been the only activity in my life keeping me awake at nights. here are some more, not in any significant order:

1. selling a home in duncanville in a less-than-ideal market. if i hear another report of a housing slowdown or foreclosure warning …