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The Greatness of Rahab

Today I was invited to substitute for Tim Pullen at the Men's Bible study. We recently began a new study of the Book of Joshua. Today's topic fell to Chapter 2, the visit to the house of Rahab by Israelite spies sent to Jericho by their leader, Joshua. Time and time again, in the Bible and in countless commentaries, Rahab is known as "the prostitute." But few question why she was a prostitute. We know from Joshua 2 that she had a profound concern for her family. She also had an uncanny foreknowledge of God's coming actions (in the Church we call this God's providence). The Israelite spies promise no harm will come to her parents, siblings, and extended family as long as they remain inside the home. She is to identify her home with a scarlet rope tied around the window frame-- an allusion to the Passover in Exodus, where Israelite homes were protected by the blood on the doorposts. Looking further into her story I learned more about the practice of debt slavery…

New Teaching Opportunities at Custer Road

Our study of the Psalms ends next Sunday the 26th, so we began thinking about future possibilities for Bible study. What to offer? Here is a list of the studies I have led over the last two years at Custer Road:

Gospel of John.
Refresh (sort of a Methodism 101).
Invitation to Genesis.
Seven Deadly Sins.
Invitation to Romans.
Covenant Bible Study.
Invitation to Psalms.
The Death of the Messiah.

Many of the folks in Psalms participated in several of these studies (they have the scars to prove it), so I sought their input first. After nearly an hour of discussion I had an idea of their, and my own, preferences. This morning I met with Paige Christian and Jerry Butler to hear their feedback and see how the following opportunities will fit into the overall Christian Education plan for Custer Road in 2015-2016. Looks like a slam dunk. Registration links will be available later, but to help those who may be interested in future Bible study with me:

All studies are on Sunday evenings, 6:00-7:…