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We Have a Vision!

Please note: This vision will appear in the August newsletter and as a bulletin insert the next two Sundays.

Joel Committee Report
Prosper United Methodist Church, July 2007
“Catch the Vision!”
In 1902, the railroad decided to establish a new town north of Rock Hill. The town came to be called Prosper, because, as one of its original citizens observed, there had been a prosperous harvest that year. The Methodist Church was the first of the Rock Hill churches to move to Prosper in 1902. Our congregation was the first church in town!
With recent development, Prosper is quickly becoming a bedroom community for the Dallas area. Population projections indicate that Prosper will grow into a city of 85,000 or more. Our congregation has experienced growth in recent years, though not at a similar rate to the Town itself or the school district.
In May of this year, the Administrative Council authorized the creation of a Joel Committee to establish the vision for the church, specifically regardin…

Just Me and My Dad

Dad and I just got back from a really special trip. After he got off of work yesterday we packed up the car and drove to see a Rangers baseball game. It took a long time. There was lots of traffic. There were no movies to watch-- we were in Dad's car, and I didn't have any of my music except a Shrek song. I kept myself entertained for a little while by looking at my Lunchable box, which had pictures of Transformers on it. This is the new Transformers movie, not the old cartoon one Mom and Dad got for us from the mail movie store-- I've watched it like 600 times, because they can't find the envelope it came in, so they can't send it back! Dad says I can't see the new Transformers movie until I'm like 18.
After a while I fell asleep in the car, even though the sun was pretty bright on my face. After I woke up we still weren't at the game. We finally got there, but then Dad remembered he had to go to a bank to get money for parking and food. We drove arou…

sermon planning

a couple of months i wrote about my frustration with my doctoral work-- which was not remedied by my recent trip to kansas city, by the way. i said i was not certain about my final project, until i began thinking about the issue of preaching in a new church with its own needs. that thought process led me to the inspiration for a new project, studying the preaching of pastors in new appointments, and the development of a tool to be used by pastors when they move to a new church.

this confusion and frustration poured into my own sermon preparation, and i found myself falling back to the lectionary-- a model for preaching i was taught in seminary but one i have never fully embraced. since i returned from kansas city, i have felt the creative impulses coming back. with the help of my end-of-term assignments which focused on long-term sermon series planning, i've got plenty of ideas for the next two years or so. since i used this forum to share those frustrations (rotten fruit), i…

playing catch up

the boys are in the other room, watching star wars episode 1. there's only so much of that one i can take, so i left before jar jar was promoted to general to fight the droid army. what a joke. anyway, i just heard james exhort miles to be careful about becoming a jedi knight like darth maul-- beware of the dark side! good advice from a very helpful brother!

while they were in there, i was here at the computer, doing my normal nightly routine:,, checking bank accounts, etc. then i began to wonder about my friends in the texas conference, pals i went to seminary with 12 years ago. i caught up with a couple of them, sending emails with a brief update on where we are, wishing them the best in their places of ministry.

the sermon this week will focus on galatians 6:1-10, the last section of paul's letter to the Christians at galatia, and the last in a sermon series from galatians. in that text he encourages them to care for one another: "bear one another…