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I've always loved the Fourth of July.  From the parties my parents hosted when I was a kid, to fireworks, to Boston Pops concerts, the whole thing is thrilling and makes me very proud.  In fact, when Christy and I returned from England ten years ago-- guess which date we chose for our triumphant return?  Yep-- the Fourth of July.  And we celebrated with a little Fourth of July Rangers baseball.  I was so exhausted and tired I watched the fireworks with sunglasses on!  I think I'll try to squeeze in an Arlington trip this Sunday night with James and Miles!

Thinking about the Fourth of July, I always consider some of the Americans who lived out the greatness our country aspires to.  Obviously Lincoln, King, Douglass, Washington, Jefferson, and others come to mind, but this year I wanted to consider the life of someone not so easily recognized, and I settled on Arthur Ashe.  I was a child when Ashe won his grand slam victories, and too young to understand the struggles he represe…