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preaching advice from 1881

new york times
still very relevant today! especially that "...sermons should be argumentative..."

"deliver us from evil."

please note: this was my sermon preached sunday, june 28.

One of the best sci-fi films ever is Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn. It has a powerful combination of great performances, writing, and direction, like any other great movie; but what makes it an all-time best is its understanding of the human condition. The best of sci-fi stories are commentary of the culture we live in—often the stories take place in the future, but if we look past the blasters and space ships we see much of ourselves there. The film opens with a training exercise, the Kobiashi-Maru test. It is a no-win scenario, designed for captain trainees to encounter death and react to it. It is a test of character more than anything else. After the trainee’s decisions cause much of the ship and the crew to be destroyed, you hear the word, “Lights.” A door opens, and Admiral James T. Kirk walks through the door. The trainee seeks to justify her decisions, and Kirk, explaining the test’s purpose, says, “How we deal …