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1994's Hoop Dreams

oscar dreams

Three weeks and counting… to Oscar night! Christy and I and another couple have an annual tradition of picking Oscar winners. We haven’t gotten to it yet, but it’s always fun competition. And one of our favorite TV personalities, Jon Stewart, will host Oscar night. We’re looking forward to the evening March 5.

Most of the talk this year is about Brokeback Mountain. It is widely believed to be the favorite to run the Oscars, particularly Best Picture and Best Director. Another film that caused much public “water cooler” discussion was Crash. Released in May, it is still widely talked about, with special screenings being hosted with discussion to follow. I have not seen Brokeback; I saw Crash after it came out on DVD. It is interesting that these two movies nominated for Best Picture discuss topics most of us are afraid to talk about: homosexuality and racism.

As a member of the North Texas Conference Anti-Racism Team, I have been through extensive training on the evil of racism.…
My newest friends, standing outside the United Methodist Building.

reflections from d.c.

Have you ever struggled with finding your purpose in life? Ever wondered if anyone listens to you? If you are making a difference? Or what about the opposite concern: You are passionate about something, a specific cause or issue, but have nowhere to express yourself? Many of us find ourselves in one or all of those situations again and again. I know I have.
Recently I was privileged to be a part of a group of eighty-four pastors from all across the United States, plus Norway and the Philippines, that convened at the United Methodist Building in Washington D.C. The General Board of Church and Society invited us for an insider’s tour into their work on behalf of eight million United Methodists. I was stunned to learn that the United Methodist Building is literally right next door to the Supreme Court Building and right across the street from the Capitol. As one unidentified bishop was remembered to say, “The Supreme Court is the voice of the law, Congress is the voice of the peo…