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"Resume." Reflections on an Emotional Week (Boston, West, US Senate)

This morning as I silenced the alarm on my phone I noticed a bulletin from
The Washington Post: one of the Boston bombing suspects had been killed; another, his brother, was on the run. Boston was in lockdown. Since then I have been constantly checking my Twitter feed for updates. In this era of instant communication, much of what I see I read with suspicion, because every media is determined to be the first to report a breakthrough (hello, CNN). I am in prayer for the safety of all involved in Boston, and for a peaceful end to this horrific week there.

At the same time my attention has been split for updates on the explosion in West, TX. I am grateful for the selfless acts of those first responders, police and firefighters, who consistently put themselves at risk for our safety. At our church level, I am grateful for our Missions team, who have been bouncing around ideas for ways to reach out in Christian love. And I am still coming to terms with my frustration with our leaders in Was…