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power of the collar

(not me)

today i made a trip to medical city hospital in far north dallas to see a parishioner before surgery. i went to pray with her, to represent the church family, and to assure her of God's presence with her during her ordeal, including recovery. i wore a clerical collar for this. i used to wear a collar every day, when i wore a suit to work. then i went a little more casual, and wore the collar only on sundays and for hospital visits. recently i stopped wearing it on sundays, going to the more widely accepted shirt and tie.

my history wearing the clerical collar (also called a "dog collar"-- never liked that one) began with our being accepted to pastor churches in england seven years ago. unlike the u.s., almost all pastors in the u.k. wear the collar. even before going to england, i thought about wearing a collar, but when i looked through the photo album of a colleague just returning from across the pond and saw pictured of him in the collar, i was sold. i went to