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An Update on the LECTIO Worship Experience

Nearly every week after LECTIO someone says, "Wow Pastor that was the most amazing worship service I… — Frank Drenner III (@revfrankdrenner) August 31, 2015

A few months ago we began a new worshiping community at Custer Road: Lectio, a teaching service. The purpose of this service was to grow people spiritually through worship and learning. We would offer a simple, focused approach to worship: sermons would include more content, music (piano accompaniment only) would serve as the sort of "glue" of the service, and layfolk would have many opportunities to serve and lead in worship, including as a liturgist or a communion server (the Lord's Supper is offered every week). We broke an important rule for starting new opportunities in churches-- we didn't launch in September or January, but June. As the chart below shows, we confronted the typical "summer swoon" of worship attendance head on:

After a great first two Sundays, July kno…