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Love Sends!

This week several folks from Oak Lawn went to West Dallas to read to school age children.It’s a combined ministry of the Wesley-Rankin Center and Project Transformation.Oak Lawners spent Monday and Tuesday morning reading and playing games with the children.I went on Tuesday and there was a ton of us—so many that Dawn Kent and I could not even fit in the church van!There were so many volunteers that I was not even picked to read the first hour, so I went to play with Playdough with the bigger kids.Near the end of our time I sat with a 3rd grader and we read two books: a Charlie Brown book about Thanksgiving, and a Magic Schoolbus book about weather (rain, specifically—I prayed a little as I read!).She and I alternated pages.It was a holy moment, for sure! Why do Christians every day, in places like West Dallas, Europe, Asia, and everywhere else the Church serves, do such things?Because God’s Big Love is not meant for us alone.It is meant to be shared throughout the world to every per…

warning labels

christy and i went to see midnight in paris last night at the angelika cinema in plano.  a wonderful film-- loved it so much.  as we waited to buy our tickets, i noticed a sign on the table.  it was a message from the angelika management about terrence malick'stree of life.  evidently many moviegoers have demanded their money back after seeing some or all of the film (i have not seen it but want to, partly because supposedly some of it was shot in my hometown of bay city, texas).  the notice made points such as this:

tree of life is directed by terrence malick, a director not exactly known to play by hollywood rulestree of life is not presented in a linear fashion (in other words, there is no guarantee the next shot will logically follow the previous onetree of life is a work of art, so don't get mad at us if you don't like it ok, i am paraphrasing a little.
christy thought it so silly to say such things, because we were at the angelika, a chain of cinemas that showcases ar…

An Invitation to Swim

Last week Miles and Linus had their first days of swim lessons.  Evidently the first day was fairly rough for Linus-- he cried through half the lesson.  But after only three days of lessons, the changes I saw in both boys were amazing.  Miles could swim across the width of the pool without his life jacket in water deeper than he is tall; and Linus could hold his breath, face under water, for much longer than I was comfortable watching!  The best part of our new house is a private community park with a shared pool-- no maintenance for me, and plenty of fun for the boys!

I often think of our life in Christian faith as swimming lessons.  A disciple is a student who follows a teacher, with the hope that one day the disciple will become a teacher of others.  As we begin life together in the fellowship of faith, a growing discipleship is vital.  Worship is the entry to a relationship with Christ.  It is our first way of knowing God, where we return thanks for all God has done for us, and wh…

It's All Good!

Crash.  Bang.  Splat.  Boom.  Noises I have heard over and over again every day this month!  At home we are unpacking, sorting, throwing out, and organizing.  At church we are tearing out, breaking down, and shaking up.  Literally everywhere I go- even in the car driving north or south there is construction going on somewhere- the sound of new things is all around!  Perspective helps: hopefully we'll be unpacked at the house by the end of the week.  At the church we'll check out the new construction around the end of September and say, "WOW!" But when one is in the middle of chaos, it can be exhausting.

Genesis begins with the wonderful words, "When God began to create the heavens and earth there was a formless void..." Unlike OLUMC or my house God did not tear out or adapt something to a new reality.  As classical theology expresses it, God created ex nihilo, "out of nothing." There were no boxes to go through, no offices to relocate, no hammers b…