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SOS- Memorial Day 2016

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord... Today is Memorial Day, the annual national observance for those service men and women who lost their lives in war (as opposed to Veteran's Day in November, which recognizes all who served). You'll hear the words of The Battle Hymn of the Republic played all over the US today. This day is often observed with parades, patriotic concerts, and remembrance ceremonies at military memorials and cemetaries. It is vital and important to remember the lives lost at war in Vietnam, Korea, WW I & II, Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. But today I am thinking about those veterans whose lives were lost in their own home country by suicide. It is estimated that 22 veterans take their own lives every day, and one on active duty kills him/herself every day. Suicide rates among veterans are 50% higher than those of the general population. The VA has published its own statitistics and strategies for addressing this epidemic.

What do we do abou…

Gladys Knight and the United Methodist Church

Many years ago I was driving south on I-45, somewhere close to Huntsville. I was on my way to Bay City to visit family. News had just come down that I would be leaving one appointment, which had been a very difficult assignment, to go to a new church. As I was driving, Gladys Knight and the Pips began to sing on the radio:

It's sad to think
We're not going to make it
And it's gotten to the point
Where we just can't take it
For some ungodly reason
Just won't let it die
I guess neither one of us
Wants to be the first to say goodbye

And I was singing along with a smile on my face and tears of joy running down my cheeks. There was going to be a change. A broken relationship was ending, and a new one was beginning.

I remember that song this morning as I consider the possibility of my home denomination facing a similar decision. The General Conference of the United Methodist Church, the only body with authority to speak on behalf of United Methodists everywhere, began meeting in…

A Gospel of a Different Color

I've been teaching the Gospel of John in various formats and churches for two decades. Last year I had the inspiration to compile all of those lessons into a book. I would call it A Gospel of a Different Color, a reference to my 94-year old grandfather, who would say, "Well that's a horse of a different color!" whenever someone would make a surprising play during a game of cards. John became a gospel of a different color for me when I first noticed how different it was from the other gospels. The book is dedicated to my grandfather, Don Guffey.

Over the past eighteen months or so I wrote out my manuscript, attended a Christian writer's workshop at Princeton Theological Seminary, struggled with writer's block, and, worse, writer's insecurity (who's going to read it???). But I was able to overcome those doubts, and the dream of a book is now a reality!

Who would enjoy reading the book? Anyone with a curiosity about the Bible and the personality of Jesu…