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truth and consequences

my sermon from july 12.

Next week we will finish our sermon series “It’s Good to be the King.” (Well, Usually.) We have considered the journey Israel made through the leadership of Samuel and Saul, and last week we began to discuss the kingship of David. David was God’s favored choice to be king because, as the scriptures say, “He had a heart for God.” Most of the time he was able to remember that God was the true king, and keeping that perspective insured prosperity for the king and the kingdom. Yet even a heart for God did not prevent David from falling into the same temptations everyone else must face. One day, looking out from his castle David sees Bathsheba, a married woman sunbathing. He insists on having her, she becomes pregnant, he tries to cover it up, that fails, and ultimately David orders her husband killed so he can marry Bathsheba. After Nathan reveals David’s profound sin to the the king, David repents. But the story does not end there.

We know that abuse tend…

a response to gideons international

last sunday prosper united methodist church welcomed representatives of the gideons to share about their ministry. how many times have you stayed in a hotel or visited someone in the hospital and found a gideons Bible there? and while no one can argue that reading the Bible is a bad thing, or that distributing Bibles to others in native languages is inherently harmful, i would like to offer some thoughts on the practices of the gideons, as they were described at church.

1. bravo to the gideons for distributing 73 million Bibles last year. however, most of the Bibles they sent were tiny new testaments with psalms. i am a Christian, and i love the words of the new testament. but those words have their foundation in the old testament, and to remove thousands of years of traditions and stories of God's powerful love and acts of salvation diminishes the power of the whole Bible. we must never forget that the old testament (or "first" testament or "hebrew Bible"…