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Travelin' Man

I have felt God calling me to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree (D. Min.) for a couple of years. The D. Min. is not to be confused with a Ph. D. degree. While it is doctoral work, it is primarily designed for pastors in ministry settings, not for those who wish to teach at the seminary level. I have been looking here and there on the Internet at the various United Methodist seminaries for a while, just curious about what was being offered. I found some good things, but nothing I was excited about, certainly nothing I was prepared to go back to sitting in a classroom and researching in the library about!

That all changed two weeks ago. Sunday night I said to Christy I really wanted to explore a D. Min. in preaching. I felt it was an area of strength for me, and wanted to develop it further. The next day I began looking on the same websites again. Then I noticed “Preaching in the 21st Century” at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. It was exactly what I was looking for. I ne…


today is "easter tuesday." yesterday was "easter monday." most people refer to the day before that as "easter sunday." to be more accurate, it was the first sunday of easter, for easter is a season, not a day. for Christians, every sunday is "a little easter," and the sundays between now and pentecost in june are "second sunday of easter," etc.

that being said, there is always something special about easter day. there is an ethusiasm, a joy, a spirit in worship and everything else in church that day that is somehow different. thinking about it, it probably should not be that way-- church should always be a celebration. maybe it was the handbells ringing, the children singing, singing those classic easter hymns... but i felt great after worship on sunday. i was thrilled.

following worship we went to some dear friends' home to enjoy easter fellowship with their family. normally following worship i like to retreat into my house…

exercise of mind, body, soul

christy and i recently joined a gym (the secret is out!!). i have joined and quit many a gym in my adult life, but so far i am sticking to this one. part of the reason for that is the church is graciously paying for my membership, as part of a church-wide effort to improve the health of pastors. i can't think of a better incentive to go work out than knowing that the dedicated members of trinity church are footing the bill!
my routine consists of lightweight training and aerobic exercise. i will soon be adding to that classes. but what i do now is pretty simple stuff. i don't want to get too heavily into it and risk injury. i also don't want to take it so easy that i get nothing out of the effort. believe me, i have been sore. and i can honestly say i feel better.
i am trying to make a decision to be more healthy. often times we make decisions knowing that they are unhealthy and unwise. i heard the legendary preacher zan holmes deliver a sermon once on this topic.…