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Worth the Effort

I just returned from doing what may be my least favorite thing on earth: submitting my precious blood before an annual exam next week. Whenever we have blood drives here at the church, my public excuse for never signing up is because I lived in England a decade ago and my blood is not welcome (it's true). Good for me-- that way I can hide the reality: I am an absolute wimp when it comes to giving blood. The stuff freaks me out. Particularly when it's mine.

So driving to the doctor's office was accompanied by a profound sense of dread. I tried thinking of excuses to skip it, but knew the wrath from Christy would be severe. Reluctantly, and miraculously, without complaining, I pulled into the parking lot, walked up the stairs, signed in, and was called back. And then it was over. The woman doing the bloodwork was an absolute star. I was out of there in less than a minute. All the wimpiness and stress was for nothing. It probably will still take hold of me next yea…