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Recent Movie Reviews

So I published a theological reflection on Batman vs Superman a couple of weeks ago, but since then I have been somewhat troubled. My intention in that reflection was to discuss the ideas of power and idolatry raised in the Man of Steel BvS movies. I still find the discussion interesting; but that does not mean the movie is any good.

It's not.

Rather than writing out a detailed review of a movie that's been reviewed billions of times, I'll just list a few lingering questions in my mind:
1. Why does Superman hate being super and saving people?
2. Wouldn't be more interesting to have the super heroes "versing" each other, to use one of Linus' phrases, have different personalities? Like Batman can be dark and brooding, fine; so shouldn't Superman have a different personality then?
3. I get Batman and Luthor both having concerns over Superman's power. But for Superman and Batman to become buddies at the end just because both of their mothers' na…