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A New Vision for Ministry at Trinity United Methodist Church

(Note: This vision was shared with the Church Council March 28. It was approved unanimously).

Things began on a trip to Frazer Memorial UMC in Montgomery, Alabama. We were overwhelmed by what we saw and experienced there. Through continuity of leadership and dedication to have 100% of their members involved in ministry, Frazer is able to do amazing things. We took lots of notes and the wheels began to turn, not just in my head—this is the important thing—but in everyone who went on the trip. We returned home with passion to get everyone in our church into active ministry, but also to reach out to the unchurched around us. We wanted to really become a Great Commission church.

The week after Frazer we sent in money for Easter postcards and coffee mugs, to help us reach new people for Christ. After that Jim Lawrence and I had lunch with Richard Hearne, a friend of this church and mine. We wanted to pick Richard’s brain abo…

spring cleaning

yesterday was the first day of spring. spring is the time when nature renews itself: flowers start to bloom, trees and grass become green again, the days become longer. it can be very exciting (and considering last weekend's rainfall, unpredictable too!). for some of us, spring is also the traditional time to clean up the house, washing the windows, dusting, rearranging furniture, whatever those chores are that we just couldn't get done over the winter months.

we've been doing some spring cleaning around church. always a very dangerous and delicate thing, we have moved furniture, threw stuff away we didn't need, claimed unused or underused space for other ministries. as a pastor, i've gotten into some pretty hot water over moving things around without consulting the "right people." hey, my philosophy for ministry has always been, "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission." no place on earth is that statement more true …